Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam

29th March 2007:

Woke up a few times in the night, stupid planes! Got up at a delightful time of 5:50am, only managing to wake my body up with a shower. Our breakfast consisted of two plasticcy bagels with rubbery butter! We packed and loaded ourselves onto the right hand side of the coach, Toni by the window.

Learnt a few facts on the journey, thanks to our crazy guide Johnny; red lights on the strip can last for six minutes, there are fifty types of palm trees and fifty types of cacti, whilst eating minstrels.

When we got to Lake Mead, we watched a PowerPoint and a video about the nature trail, before going round it. I got loads of photos of the lake and the mountains, it was an amazing view.

Got back on the coach and drove to Hoover Dam. We went inside to for a guide around to see the generators and the diversion tunnels, very dark down there! When we got back outside, it was a bit too bright! We had some chicken and chips with a mustard dip, whilst looking over to the Hoover Dam.

Before going onto the Dam, we bought some water and a couple of sweets, just to keep us going! The view from the Dam was amazing, and I took loads of pictures. Brilliant views in all directions! When we got on the road to walk to the coach, David tried to get all the lorry drivers to use their horns, he succeeded with about two of ten!

When we got back on the coach, Johnny was impersonating people, teasing the Welsh and making jokes with the bus driver, whilst driving down the longest, straightest road that I have ever seen! Had a little scare when the texts wouldn’t send, but it was all sorted out after a while. We stopped at a shop to stretch our legs because it was a typical American journey, which takes about four hours! I bought some skittles for Bex for her birthday on Saturday.

When we got back on the coach, we were on the left side with me by the window, and David and Chris were behind us. They kept on saying wahey, which got really annoying by about the tenth time! But Sam and Mark were behind them, so they were helping us to annoy David and Chris.

Scenery is getting greener now because we are going higher, if it wasn’t for that, the journey would have been rather boring. We did stop at a souvenir shop and an ice cream shop. People actually bought ice creams, even though it was freezing outside. I didn’t see anything that I liked, so I saved my money for another time.

Got to the next hotel at around 5ish, lots of snow all over the place, we really didn’t expect that! The next room was 117. Our suitcases didn’t arrive with us, because they were on the other coach, so I played snow footy with a tennis ball with Sam, Mark, David and Toni. We all got very wet!

We had dinner, not really too sure what it was! Mostly mushy stuff, but the tacos were nice. Had a chocolate cake for pudding, then did a really boring quiz.

As soon as we were free, Mark, Sam, David, Toni and myself had a massive snowball fight, despite being told not to! Chris didn’t want to join in, so we all threw snowballs into his room! When we were finished, we were very cold, wet and tired and went straight to sleep.

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