The Grand Canyon

30th March 2007:

Wake up call was at 6:30am. We had contemplated having a shower, but the water was freezing, so both Toni and myself decided against it. Breakfast was scrambled egg, bacon, a strange potato thing and a roll with unspreadable butter! It was only at this time that I realised that one of my lenses from my sunglasses was missing. After a few minutes searching, Sam found it lying in the snow, and I fixed it.

We packed and got on the coach. Another boring journey, typically long and uncomfortable! But at least I had lots off people to talk to. Stopped on the way, but only for a few minutes.

We arrived at an IMAX thing, telling us about the Grand Canyon. The screen was massive and the film was really loud! I can’t really remember what it said, but I think it was about the history of the canyon. We then had a talk outside, but I couldn’t really hear it because there was too many people in front of me. We then went in a gift shop, but there wasn’t anything that I liked, so I just wondered around!

We then went to Wendy’s for lunch. It was supposed to be a burger, but over the other two days, Toni and me had eaten way too much and we just couldn’t manage anything else! We just had ice with a bit of coke! We spent most of the time playing with the ice on the table, and it made us rather cold.

We got back in the coach for a short journey to the Grand Canyon. It was amazing, such a brilliant view. We walked as close to the edge as we possibly could, it was a long way down! I took tons and tons of photos, because its really hard to put into words what we saw! Whilst we were walking around, David kept on high-fiving the American’s, and one was fascinated by his accent! He asked David to repeat it so that he could try and imitate it!

We went into a gift shop that is near to the edge, and I brought a Grand Canyon top, well, you have to don’t you! We then bought some ice creams, mine was chocolate chip cookie dough. It was very nice, and the view that we could see whilst eating them was one of the most amazing that I have ever seen! I sat with David, Sam and Toni by the edge, taking even more pictures. Saw several squirrels, who all wanted their close-ups, but I have to admit that I was much more interested in the view.

Unfortunately, we had to leave that amazing view and get back on the coach. Another long journey. Stopped at an Indian shop and I brought a bracelet, necklace and a ring. The rest of the coach journey was good fun, because along with Toni, I was attacking David and Sam, to get them back for annoying us earlier!

Our next hotel room was 282, but this hotel kept giving everyone electric shocks from all of the door handles! It was good fun. We went down for dinner, chicken, mash, vegetables and croutons, with a banana cake for pudding. It was all a rather strange experience!

Before going out, we had to go and get Toni’s key fixed because it wouldn’t let her in the room! When we finally got it sorted, we went down to the empty car park with around ten of the boys and played games with the tennis ball in the dark. It was good fun, but we kept loosing the ball because it was so dark.

When we went back in, we went into Sam and Marks room, even though we weren’t supposed to go in boys’ rooms. We got back to our room, watched the Simpson’s and went to bed.

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