Colorado River and Horseshoe Bend

31st March 2007:

Woke up and had a really powerful shower. Didn’t bother going down to breakfast, not really hungry, just had a break bar. We then went into the boys’ room for a while, until we were seen. And that was only because I went to tie Sam’s shoe on the balcony, and the teachers could see us from the breakfast room. We got a phone call from one of the teachers telling us to get out, so we went back to our room.

We didn’t have to pack our things because we stayed for two nights, so we went straight down to the lobby and onto the coach. Had a short drive to Safeway, where, in teams, we had to buy our own lunch, and the healthiest would win a prize. I was with Toni, David and Sam, and we bought rolls, ham, jam, apples, biscuits, smarties, water and muffins. As you can imagine, we didn’t win! It cost us $7.50 each, and we shared out the water and got three bottles each. We packed it all in our bags and I changed into my sandals.

When we arrived to somewhere that certainly didn’t look like Colorado River, we had to say goodbye to our bags because they had to go down separately in a van. Then, still in the coach, we went down a really long tunnel, which was rather dark. It was good fun though because we were trying to attack Sam and David, I think we won! We got out of the tunnel and were reunited with our bags. Had a short walk down to the river, where there were three rafts waiting for us. I got in a raft with Toni, Sam, David and some other people and we set off. It was a nice change to not have to do any walking! It was a lovely trip down the river, but our raft diver told us not to put our feet in the water, even though people in the other rafts could. The views were amazing, the rocks looked really cool.

We stopped off at a beach to eat our lunch. We got everything out, and then realised that we left the muffins and apples in the coach! The muffins weren’t a disaster to leave because they were the most unhealthy, but leaving our healthiest food was a big mistake! To keep ourselves entertained before moving on, we played French cricket. It was good fun, except for when people take it too seriously and get annoyed if you put one foot out of place!

We got back in the rafts and carried on with our journey. It is really hard to describe it, and the photos don’t really do it justice! All I can say is that it was amazing!

Later on in the journey, we had a water fight with one of the other rafts. It was good fun and it cooled us all off, however, everything from ourselves to our phones got soaking wet! We managed to dry ourselves off when we got back onto land, and the winners of the healthy lunch thing won a pineapple! Not surprisingly, we lost!

Next was a delightfully long coach journey to see Horseshoe Bend. We had to organise ourselves into groups of four to go and take photos, because it was a steep drop at the end. I was with David, Sam and Alex. Had to wait for ages for our turn, so we played random games with Sam’s tennis ball.

Finally it was our turn to go and see Horseshoe Bend. It was an amazing sight, got as many photos as I could. It looked completely different from up there, than it did from on the river.

Got back on the coach and went back to the hotel. Toni went somewhere with Bex, so I was left to wait outside the boys’ room, because I couldn’t go in, and someone was taking ages to eat an apple! When they finally came out, we went down to play French cricket in the car park, only I was the only girl because Toni didn’t want to play.

Dinner was at a restaurant thingy, and it was salmon with potatoes, which was very nice. Then there was a lot of cowboy dancing and we all sung happy birthday to Bex. Some people put cowboy hats on and did dances on the stage. Then we had some cake, and some of the mad people that I hung around with put sugar in their drinks and drank them! Totally crazy! Then we had more dancing, it was such a great evening.

When we got back, we watched a bit of TV, before going to bed.

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