The Journey There

28th March 2007:

Got up at 3:45am. Toni and me were sat next to each other on the coach eight seats back, me by the window. We both ate lots of fudge and some fruit and nut things. Other than that, the coach journey was rather boring, no exciting views, no TV! Just listening to music and talking to each other.

Got to Gatwick airport, spent a lifetime waiting in the queue to hand in my suitcase, didn’t get through until 9 or 10! Then had the joy of waiting in another long queue to check myself in, I was beginning to wonder if we would ever get there! Then I had the embarrassment of setting of the metal detector, because of my belt, so I had to be searched, much to the enjoyment of my fellow travellers!

We looked in a few shops, filled up my water bottle and bought some minstrels for the flight. Hat to wait some more, before we got called through. My seat was 48C, right in front of the exit, meaning I didn’t get a nice seat behind the exit, with the leg room. By this time, I was getting very nervous, however, the two people next to me were very nice and helpful. They had flown quite a few times, so that made it a bit nicer.

Take-off! Was a bit scary, but not as bad as I thought. I didn’t get to sit by Toni though, there was no room. I was all on my own, so I thought I would settle down and watch a film – Night at the Museum, and the view out of the window was amazing, I don’t know how I can describe it. When the film finished, I did a few puzzles, until the food arrived. Chicken pasta, pasta salad, cheese, two rolls, four crackers and a small raspberry pudding, sounds like a lot more than it looked when I was on the plane!

I can see the clouds underneath us! Very surreal! I played battleships, golf and some other games on the TV screen thing. Began to get a bit bored, not much to do. The plane kept on moving suddenly because of the wind, which was a little scary!

I was eating lots of minstrels, and I was beginning to feel tired. Started reading my Terry Pratchett book, with a receipt as a bookmark! Managed to wake myself with a strawberry and cream ice cream, which was very cold. But the people next to me went to sleep, so I played a few more games.

Went for a walk to see Toni, she was next to two German people, so was even more bored than I was! When I got back, I watched Happy Feet, which wasn’t really for someone my age.

Ate Turkey, vegetables and a dried tomato Panini. Seemed to keep on eating! The view outside was amazing, but the journey is getting a lot bumpier. More to eat, cream cheese and rocket triangle roll, and some apples and grapes. I played ping-pong before filling in my form, with help from the people next to me.

The view was still really cool, it looked like snow! Then, as we came down, it looked like a miniature town below us. It was amazing!

Got off the plane, and waited in the queue to get suitcase and things. When I found mine, I met up with Toni and we went onto the coach. Right hand side, six seats back, Toni was by the window this time.

After a very short journey, we were at the first hotel. Mine and Toni’s room had two double beds, TV, fridge, basically everything that you could want. It was room 808. And right outside our hotel, were several posh looking limo's, I wouldn't have minded a ride in one of those going down the strip!

We went out for a buffet meal, with various foods, including chicken, chips, melon and ice cream. We then watched people pretending to be Elvis, Britney and other people. Was a bit boring, but we had a nice icy blue drink.

On the coach journey back, we saw the strip which was amazing, but I couldn’t get any photographs because we were moving. We got ready for bed and went to sleep straight away.

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