Pink Sand Dunes and Bryce Canyon

1st April 2007:

A man telling me about the hotel woke me up at 6am. To tell the truth, I wasn’t very interested so I hung up on him! Had a shower and packed my suitcase. Breakfast was pancakes and a weird potato thing, no idea what it was.

Mark went to hospital because he was really ill, and we later found out that he has appendicitis. The rest of us got on the coach. I did a few puzzles.

Stopped off for drinks and the teachers told us that we were going to go and study a graveyard, but of course it was an April fools joke, so we all got back into the coach and carried on with our journey.

We got to the pink sand dunes, they were amazing, just not very pink! Saw a few people on bikes going up and down the dunes, looked like a lot of fun. Got some pictures and piled back on the coach.

Stopped off somewhere (I’m afraid I can’t be more exact!) and had a buffet lunch, sweet and sour chicken, BBQ beef, fish and croutons, with chocolate ice cream for pudding. We then went shopping in the shop next to where we ate and I bought a cloth badge showing Bryce Canyon.

Carried on with our journey and we got to Bryce Canyon. I know I keep on saying this, but it was an amazing view. I took loads of photos, I think that this was my favourite place from the whole trip. We all sat in silence for a couple of minutes, just to take in the view.

Unfortunately we had to leave quite soon because we had a three hour journey ahead of us, how delightful! So we had to say goodbye to the Canyon and got back into the familiar surroundings of the coach.

There was lots of snow outside and the views kept on changing. Even though it was a long journey, it wasn’t very boring.

Got to our next hotel and we were in room 1120. We went for a walk down the corridor and bought some food. I got some chewy sweets, a fudge chocolate chip cookie and a raisin oatmeal cookie.

We went shopping in a Wal-Mart and I got some Oreo’s because I really like them and some water because I was really thirsty. We then went to watch “Blades of Glory”. It was really funny, we couldn’t stop laughing!

When we came back, we went straight to bed because we were all really tired.

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