Las Vegas

2nd April 2007:

Got woken up at 6:30. Didn’t bother having a shower because we were going to Denny’s for breakfast, so we just got dressed and packed. Breakfast was sausages, scrambled egg, bacon and two pancakes with maple syrup. It was delicious. Put all of our stuff on the coach and went to get some crisps from the vending machine because we had a very long journey ahead of us.

I can’t really say much about the journey, ate crisps, played cards, talked. Stopped off for the loo’s and shop, where I bought some sweets. Got back in the coach and had another long journey, great.

Got to Las Vegas and went to Circus Circus, where we watched a very flexible lady doing some things that flexible people do! Then we looked around and Toni won a cuddly toy monkey thing on a claw machine. She then won loads of coupons on one of those coin machines where you put a coin in and it pushes other ones down. She got two bears for that, you need thousands to get anything worth much.

Lunch was another buffet with chicken, bacon, fish and potato, with chocolate cake and chocolate and vanilla ice-cream for pudding. We then made out way back to the first hotel that we were staying in, now in 809, next to David and Chris. Me and Toni were in our swimming things because it was too hot, but we weren’t allowed to go swimming.

We then went to the Stratosphere, through one of Las Vegas’ many casinos. We then went up in the elevator, at a speed of three floors per second, which was rather scary! Got up to the viewpoint and then up to a level with a ride called x-scream and another ride, but I can’t remember what it was called! I gave my things to the teachers and got on x-scream next to Sam. He was lucky, in front of us was Georgia and David, and Georgia was rather scared, so David’s hand was getting squashed!

X-scream is a one carriage ride, which throws you off the edge of the sphere, then brings up back up, and repeats that several times. It was really scary, but it was good fun to! We did think about getting a picture, but they were $12 each and they weren’t very good.

Sam then realised that he lost his wallet, along with $100. I attempted to help him find it, but we were not successful unfortunately. We decided to go down to Starbucks and find Toni who didn’t end up going on any rides. I got a quarter squashed for a souvenir with a picture of the Stratosphere on it.

Then we went down to the seating area and had some pizza, vegetarian, pepperoni and cheese. They were very tasty. We got back down, and struggled our way through the casino, and got lost several times!

We then went down the strip, but there weren’t enough teachers so we had to go in the coach. I tried to get some pictures, but it was a bit tricky. I really want to go there again so I can get some better pictures and be able to see it closer.

Came back and packed our suitcases, worried that it wouldn’t fit, but thankfully it did. We got ready for bed, but we weren’t really tired so we watched a bit of TV.

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